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This is Kostas Ptohopoullos, one of the "leventes" of Rizokarpasso.   Some believe him to be a descendant of the legendary Koutalianos who was known for his great might.   This photograph was taken when the Ellinikon Gymnasion (Greek Gymnasium) in Rizokarpasso was being built earlier 1950.  Many stories about Kostas's great strength are still being told with great admiration and enthusiasm, some reaching mythological proportions.  Myths and legends aside, Kostas was also a great human being by deeds and by reputation, highly respected by all those who were fortunate to know him personally and by those who knew of him.      

This is Giorgallis Kosta also known as Tallis and his wife Sophia, dressed in the Cypriot  costums of the times  (perhaps photographed in the early twenties).   Tallis is wearing "vraka" or "vrakes" and Sophia is wearing "Sayia" or "sayies".  Tallis and Sophia ran the "capheneion" for a few years at the monastery of Apostolos Andreas, after that, a little "Exohikon Kentron" (seaside soft drinks and greek coffee place) at a small sandy beach called "Peristeri", north of the monasteri about twenty to tenty-five minute walk.  Next to the Peristeri beach on a rochy area at a higher level, was the Metereological Centre.  Tallis was also a fine violinist.   As a younger man he often played at weddings with his two-man band.    

This is Theodoulos Diamantis, also known as "Sho-oulos", another son of Rizokarpasso, another "leventis", in built and character aand first cousin of Kostas.   Sho-oulos is dressed in "Vrakes", the Cypriot costum still worn with pride by many older men in villages.

Special thanks to Mrs. Nina Spanovageli for the above photos.




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