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The Association of Rizokarpasso in Britain held their 30th Anniversary Dinner & Dance at the Penridge Banqueting Suite, which was full to capacity with hundreds of first, second, and third generation compatriots from Rizokarpasso and their friends. Penridge Director, John Pitsielis, whose mother is from Rizokarpasso, was delighted that the Penridge was chosen as the venue for this event.   Zoe Band, with their popular leader, Michael, provided excellent entertainment which kept the dance floor full.   There was also a fantastic singing performance from successful artist Mario Kombou, whose mother is from Rizokarpasso.   The well known group Lykeion Hellinidon London, which includes Vicky Spanovangelis, whose mother is from Rizokarpasso, performed traditional Greek dances for the diners.   Speeches to the assembled diners were short and delivered by Bishop of Tropaiou, Athanasios; Consul General of the Republic of Cyprus High Commission, Nicos Christodoulides; Member of Parliament for Hendon, Andrew Dismore; and Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of Karpasia, Nicos Falas, who had come to England specifically to join his fellow Rizokarpassides celebrating their 30 th Anniversary as an Association.


Guests from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office were Simon Wood, Head, Cyprus & Greece Section European Union Directorate and Chantel Mortimer, Cyprus Desk Officer, Cyprus & Greece Section; both of whom were very impressed with the large gathering of several generations of Cypriots and the obvious fact that there were many British born Rizokarpassides present, enjoying themselves in the company of family and friends, proud of their roots and enthusiastic in their applause when Maria Karaolis, the President of the Association, in her speech said: "This evening our thoughts are of Rizokarpasso, with our enclaved friends, relatives and compatriots, the upholders of human rights, who have sacrificed the last 31 years guarding our rights to our properties.    We, as all the other refugees, will not allow anyone to give title or ownership of our land to anybody else".   


The evening included the raffle prizes draw with top prizes being a return ticket to Cyprus, kindly donated by Cyprus Airways and a return ticket to Athens, kindly donated by Olympic Airways.    The winning numbers were 1335, 1811, 1571, 1820, 1030, 1350, 1613, 0852, 0704, 0935, 1925, 1526






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